tXtile (2019)

Kiia Beilinson

Robynn Redgrave

Exhibited 21—22 May 2019
in Reading Room
organized by Aalto VCD—Visual Communication Design Programme
Aalto University

Our process began with sourcing material text from recycling centers in our local neighbourhoods, which eventually led to the labourous creation of a duvet cover, a large blanket, to be buried under - and in theory, we could define this work as a collaborative design exploration into the poetic and symbolic meaning of text printed on human clothing.

Written together through a cropping, layering and sewing process — the work was later scanned, digitized into another material form, and published in a book along with a conversation (computer-mediated) that touches on the material and physical aspects of working together as two graphic designers.

model: Neris
Robynn used to be a fashion designer, but now she is a graphic designer and artist who sometimes makes clothing and textiles.

Kiia is a graphic designer, visual & performing artist working among all fields of art as well as with cultural, environmental and societal issues.